Nitrosol (DAM) 30%

Liquid - (NITROSOL, DAM)


Fertilizer excellently applicable in the cultivation of cereals and plants with the necessity of watering. Applicable to soil, leaves and as a liquid fertilizer for irrigation.


Liquid nitrogene fertilizer, water tincture of urea and ammonium nitrate.


The advantage of this fertilizer is that it consists of a fast (nitrate nitrogen) and a slower (ammonium and amide nitrogen) acting component. Easy addition of macro and microelements, easy mixing.


NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. - Pétfürdő, Hungary


Further characteristics:

The uniform distribution, moistening of the waxy parts of the plants supports the process of degradation and humification of the residues. Similarly, the efficiency of the amelioration liming increases. As a synergistic effect, organic matter, magnesium and calcium increase the efficiency of nitrogen utilization.


Application recommendations:

It can also be used in the form of spraying for basic fertilization in the autumn before plowing. The formulation can be used to produce a nitrogen-containing suspension or to prepare multi-component liquid fertilizers.


Content of active substances:

  • total nitrogen (N) content 30% ± 1.0
  • amide nitrogen content 15% ± 1.5
  • density at 20º C g / cm³ 1.26 - 1.33
  • pH value min. 6.5
  • free am. (NH3) max. 0.5



For transport, tanks made of acid-resistant steel, plastics or containers of other materials with plastic or rubber lining are most suitable.