Our Company intends to ensure its reliable and competitive product range by using its many decades of professional experience, wide business network, excellent team and continuously guaranteed good quality.

We transport fertilizers to our customers mainly by road transport. However, we also supply our products by rail and water transport.

Company history


History of NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. dates back to 1932, when it was named Magyar Ammóniagyár és Magyar Műtrágyagyár. In 1990 it was privatized under the name NITROGÉNMŰVEK Rt. and since 2002 the company is led by Mr. BIGE László and BIGE Zoltán. The company is a member of the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association. The quality of the products reaches world-class standards.

Thanks to almost eighty years of history, stability, current status and perspective as well as loyalty to its obligations, NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. has become a leading company in its field. The company NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. it invests resources in research and development, is constantly developing and offers new products and solutions integrating single-, multi-component, liquid fertilizers not only in the agrarian sector but also in associated industries.

In recent years, the company has focused strategically on the European market and exports fertilizers mainly to Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. For this purpose, the company GENEZIS TRADE SK – CZ s.r.o. was founded in 2007, which has an exclusive representation of the company NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. GENEZIS TRADE SK – CZ s.r.o.. is located in the west of Slovakia in Veľký Meder. He is engaged in business and consulting in the field of plant nutrition.

Group of companies

Nitrogénművek Zrt. - produces nitrogen fertilizers CAN 27, UREA 46%, Ammonium nitrate 34% and UAN 30%.
Bige Holding Kft. - manufactures NPK and PK
Péti Nitrokomplex Kft. - produces approximately 20 types of NPK basic, starting and supplementary liquid suspension fertilizers.
Nádudvari Agrokémiai Kft. - produced by UAN 30%