Pétisó (CAN) with dolomite 27%

Granulated or prilled – (LAD , Pétisó, MAS, CAN)


It can be applied both as basal dressing and top-dressing for any soil type and crop.


Total active substance content: 39%. Available both in prilled and granuled format. In Pétisó’s nitrogen, slow-effect ammonium-nitrogen, and quick effect nitrate-nitrogen are present in identical proportions. The dolomite content present in addition to the nitrogen decreases soil acidity, therefore it is particularly recommended for the treatment of acidic soils.


It increases yield volume and improves its quality. It improves plant condition and resistance to stress. It has no acidification effect; it increases soil pH and productivity.


NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. - Pétfürdő, Hungary


Content of active substances:

  • Total nitrogen (N) content 27% ± 0,5
  • Ammonium nitrogen content 13,5%
  • Nitrate nitrogen content 13,5%
  • MgO content 5%
  • CaO content 7%



Fertilizer is supplied as required:

  • In 25 kg polyethylene bags on pallets
  • In two-layer big bags polyethylene and fabric, welded, weighing 700 kg
  • Bulk



Fertilizer is stored in original, intact packaging in warehouses according to STN 465750, separate from food, beverages, feed, pesticides and packaging from these substances.