Karbamid (UREA) 46%

Prilled - (Urea, Karbamid)


An excellent basal dressing, mainly in soils well supplied with calcium, it is the fertiliser for airy soils with an intense microbiology.


Mineral nitrate fertilizer of white color. It is well soluble in water. Surface treated fertiliser. The aim of surface treatment is to prevent grains sticking together during storage. The surface treatment material also increases the solidity of the product. Surface treated urea can be applied for fertilisation and certain industrial uses.


NITROGÉNMŰVEK Zrt. - Pétfürdő, Hungary


Further characteristics:

  • Surface treated urea is not hygroscopic and bound to sticking together, therefore it can be transported in bulk, and stored in a covered place. It cannot be mixed with fertilisers containing ammonium nitrate.
  • As a 0.5-1% solution, it can be used for foliar fertilisation, since its aqueous solution causes no burn damage on plants.


Application recommendations:

The amide nitrogen of urea has a relatively long effect. It transforms to nitrate in biochemical processes and intermediate products will not leach from the soil, therefore the product is excellent for basal dressing. By using fodder-urea, 25 to 30% of the protein need of ruminants can be covered. In industrial use, it is suitable for producing resin-like aminoplasts and wood glues with formaldehyde. It is advisable to mix in urea at least two to three weeks before sowing, thus the salmiac (ammonia) released during its degradation will not prevent seed germination. Through its favourable grain size, it is suitable for both ground and air spreading; raditional spinning disc and pneumatic manure spreaders can also be used. Its solution is usually well mixable with plant protection products, thus foliar fertilisation can be performed alongside chemical plant protection procedures.


Content of active substances:

  • total nitrogen (N) content 46% ± 0.4
  • biuret content max. 1,2%
  • moisture content max. 0,4%



Fertilizer is supplied as required:

  • In 25 kg polyethylene bags on pallets
  • In two-layer big bags polyethylene and fabric, welded, weighing 500 kg
  • Bulk



Fertilizer is stored in original, intact packaging in warehouses according to STN 465750, separate from food, beverages, feed, pesticides and packaging from these substances.